Bahrinesti village, Floresti district

February 2015
Everyone has the right to make decisions that affect his/her future. I see my and my family's future in welfare. This prompted me to go to courses at PBN. I learned how to write a business plan and design a financial investment for future profit. Here I became more self-confident and I received support to start my own micro-enterprise. Now, with my husband and our big family, we are engaged in breeding nutria. Thanks to the won grant, we acquired all the necessary equipment for the production of feed.
I became confident in the future. Now I do not doubt that success can meet everyone on the road.

May 2015
I am glad that I decided to open my own business. I haven't even expected that we would get results so quickly. We already have 17 nutrias. We are working now on arranging the place where they are kept, and on constructing a mini pond. We are planning to buy new breed nutrias.
My entire large family is working along with me, and we know that our future is in our hands.